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  • The Gym Cheltenham

    Our gym is better than your gym...
  • About

    The Gym, Cheltenham is a privately owned personal training studio which houses approximately 10 trainers and no more than 50 members. As The Gym is run as a non-profit organisation, all funds from rent and membership are used to develop and improve the standard of training at the facility, therefore providing a large variation of quality equipment to anyone who trains there. Located less than a stones throw from the town centre, not only does the facility offer easy accessibility but also the ability to efficiently train, whether you're a first time gym user or a professional athlete.

    Along with the top equipment, The Gym also provides excellent customer care, resulting in a great atmosphere; this will undoubtedly further assist you in achieving your fitness aspirations. It can be assured that when training at The Gym, despite the namesake, unlike the majoirty of other available gym's, there will be no over-crowding, no queuing for equipment and no judgemental looks. To top things off, you can train with me here with no added cost of gym membership.


  • Facilities

    • Alter-G Treadmill
    • Full cardio gym
    • Full free-weights gym
    • Squat rack
    • "Real Ryder" spin bikes
    • Selection of Vip-r's and Kettlebells
    • Vibro-plates
    • TRX